My First Paper in Industrial Organization

hen I started this blog I thought not to share too personal things. However this is an exception. My first paper in industrial organization with my advisor John Heywood is accepted for publication and now is in press. It is titled: “Mixed Oligopoly in a Single International Market.” Here is its abstract: It departs from previous literature by considering a mixed oligopoly with two countries each with public and private firms competing in a single market. This differs from the traditional framework of examining a single domestic market in which foreign and domestic firms compete and is motivated, in part, … Continue reading My First Paper in Industrial Organization

Do Not Even Think About It

If the phrase “very bad idea” would have only one application, it would be partition of Iraq. Even thinking of partition has catastrophic consequences. It provides political parties involved with a new set of motivations to not cooperate with federalism plan and to seek vigorous cleansing programs of their own, if existence of such programs could be acknowledged, to guarantee a strong hand to negotiate a larger slice of land. This would threaten Iraq’s neighbors. Iran would seek means and instruments to protect its western borders and to guarantee its territorial integrity. Turkey would pursue a vigorous policy in its … Continue reading Do Not Even Think About It