Why French carmakers are real winners of Iranian protectionism

My article on Iran’s car manufacturing industry and how French automakers are benefiting from Iranian protectionism.

Iran’s auto industry is only second to its energy sector, accounting for some 10% of the gross domestic product and 4% of employment. Showcasing the Islamic Republic’s efforts to become an industrial economy, it is protected by high tariffs on car imports. However, it is time to ask who benefits most from these tariffs. Indeed, while the trade barriers are ostensibly introduced to protect Iranian automakers, it appears that the primary benefactors are French carmakers who have clearly found their niche in the largest auto market in the Middle East. In this equation, Iranian consumers are ultimately paying for the government’s protectionist policies.

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/03/iran-carmakers-ikco-saipa-psa-renault-french-tariffs.html#ixzz4byXLXkF8


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